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Gold chance to shop at MeLinh PLAZA
In response to “November Promotional Program” launched by Hanoi Industrial and Trade Portal, the commercial center MeLinh PLAZA takes pride in being one of twenty “Gold Spot of the biggest Promotion” around the city with thousands of surprisingly discounted products up to 50% and bulk of gifts. This has been unprecedentedly biggest and most prolong program during the year of the center, which begins from 1st November till 30th November.

The biggest difference in November program is that all products will be tagged at price of gold 9999. Coming to MeLinh PLAZA during this jubilant program, customers will have the opportunity to own authentic products of gold quality and brands at a reasonable price which are imported from many countries all over the world (such as:

Kangaroo rice cooker Kg29 priced at 699,000; RO KG 104 water filter machine priced at 3,999,000; one-function electric generator priced at 26,890,000; SEILAR energy machine priced at  5,980,000; Panasonic fridge priced at 3,999,000; Bompani 7kg frontload washing machine priced at 9,999,000;LG MH6049F microwave priced at 1,999,000; LCD 32’’ TV priced at 5,999,000….. ). In addition, when purchasing household appliances, household electronic products, office inferior, kitchen, bedroom, dining table and other products at the center, customers will receive a lot of attractive gifts and surprising discount pricing.

So as to greet a happy Christmas and New Year, what do you wish for your warm house and living space? Now come to Melinh PLAZA for spring’s cozy atmosphere inundating your small house. A harmonious, luxurious, modern and well-equipped living space along with our perfect products will create a greatly new start and unique experiences in your living space. Let’s become smart consumers and not miss the only gold chance of shopping in the year at “Gold Spot of Promotion” of MeLinh PLAZA.

This promotional program can be considered to be our wish for “A peaceful and happy New Year” given to all dearest customers during the past 5 years.

For more information, please contact through our website:;; or hotline 0905 333 111