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MeLinh PLAZA – October Gifts

In the boisterous atmosphere of welcoming the Capital’s liberation 10th October and Vietnamese Women’s Day 20th October, the commercial center MeLinh PLAZA organized a big promotional program and bulk of gifts with thousands of surprisingly discounted products up to 50%. The program begins from 1st October 2011 till 31st October 2011.

The striking characteristic of this promotional program is to reverse products’ prices on 8th and 9th October 2011 at Building A’s main hall and some interior stalls, electric household appliances as well as other stalls in MeLinh PLAZA. Customers who come to PLAZA on these two days will have a chance to own many products with reversed price compared with initially market price( such as: LCD Sony Full HD TV initially priced at 7,994,600đ, reversely priced at 6,499,700đ, Sanyo washing machine initially priced at  4,753,000đ, reversely priced at 3,574,000đ, polar fleece Sofa suits initially priced at  25,650,261đ, reversely priced at 16,205,652đ…)

Especially on October and November 2011, MeLinh PLAZA offers newlywed couples, newly house welcome sofa sets, bedrooms, household interiors and other products priced at unprecedented values. MeLinh PLAZA always pursues the target of contributing together with you to build up a perfectly cozy and long lastingly happy home, therefore, MeLinh PLAZA wants to offer newlywed couples as well as newly house practical and meaningful gifts regarded as ever-happy wishes from us to you.

Through these promotional programs, MeLinh PLAZA hopes to give customers biggest chances to go shopping in the year as well as our “Graceful words” to all dearest customers during the past 5 years.

For more information, please contact through our website:;; or hotline 0905 333 111